Athletic Republic

Athletic Republic

Athletes train at Athletic Republic (“AR”) not because they want to be better in the gym, rather they want to get better to win. Win on the field of play, win by setting a personal record, win by achieving a performance goal or win by returning to competition after an injury. Since 1990, the Athletic Republic Training System has helped more than 1 million athletes improve their speed, power, agility, stamina and competitive capabilities so they could achieve their game day / race day goals. Operators join Athletic Republic because they want to turn their passion for sports training into a profitable venture. Athletic Republic’s dynamic brand is bolstered by John Brenkus – host of ESPN Sports Science – as their Chief Sports Science Officer.

The Athletic Republic Training System is comprised of four proprietary components:
i) Specialized Equipment,
ii) Sport-Specific Training Protocols,
iii) Owner Education / Trainer Development, and
iv) Business Operations.

By joining the Athletic Republic network, owners gain un-paralleled access to the world’s best sports training system. AR is the pioneer and market leader in sports performance training. AR provides the complete A-Z marketing approach that dramatically improves a franchisee's probability of success.

Competitive Advantage(s):
  • One size fits one – Athletic Republic’s “Test-Teach-Train” approach is unique in sports training and allows athletes to be trained as individuals (even in a team training setting).
  • Results – AR’s individualized small-group training approach applies exercise science to sports training. Athletes see an average improvement of 0.2-0.4 seconds in their 40-yard dash time, 2”- 4” in vertical jump and a 50% improvement in recovery time. These incremental improvements define the difference between winning and just competing.
  • Program innovation – AR’s program offering not only enables athletes to win on the playing field but also positions AR owners to maximize their profit potential by filling up all day-parts. The program offering includes training for Acceleration, Endurance, AR-FIT, Return 2 Play and Recovery.
  • Efficient footprint – Owners can drive significant revenue throughput and profitability and still deliver individualized sport-specific training to 20 athletes at one time in 3,000 – 3,500 square feet or 40 athletes in 4,500 – 5,000 square feet, utilizing AR’s proprietary system.

Athletic RepublicAthletic Republic
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