Heavyweight Waste

Heavyweight Waste

Heavyweight Waste revolutionizes the waste management industry with an innovative approach to open top container services. Rooted in the proven success of Smash My Trash, we bring a fresh perspective to waste disposal. Our mission is simple: to drive disruptive value to customers through efficiency and innovation - resulting in fewer hauls, reduced spending, operational simplicity, and tangible environmental benefits.

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our container offerings. Unlike industry standards of 30 and 40 cubic yards, our containers boast impressive capacities of 42 and 60 cubic yards. This represents a 40% and 50% increase that allows for fewer hauls and maximum efficiency. Our 42 cubic yard containers cater to construction sites while our 60 cubic yard containers are designed for easy lift access with forklifts and similar equipment.

Heavyweight Waste's value proposition through Smash My Trash carries over into the concept as the waste is not only collected but compacted. Our regular smashing services ensure that containers are optimally filled, maximizing space and reducing the need for frequent pickups.

One of our key competitive advantages lies in our unique pricing model. Unlike competitors who charge multiple fees including haul fees, trip charges, and additional surcharges, we simplify the process by billing based solely on tonnage. By eliminating unnecessary fees, we offer significant cost savings to our customers.

Top 5 Selling Points
Innovation - We redefine waste management through innovative solutions and efficient processes
Comprehensive Service - From container provision to waste compaction, we handle the entire waste management process, something that is uncommon in the industry
Franchise Support - Backed by a nationwide experienced franchisor, franchisees received support and guidance needed for success
National Accounts - Our national accounts provide leveraged opportunities for revenue and growth
Opportunity for growth - Complementary growth opportunities with Smash My Trash franchisees

Heavyweight WasteHeavyweight Waste
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